About Michael Deas, ABC*

Bachelor of Science, English Education / German,  1985

AATG certified since 2000

IABC accredited since 2004

With nearly forty years of experience in German, Michael Deas of TransGermanica helps speakers of either language express themselves eloquently in the other. Mr. Deas focuses particularly on German clients wishing to communicate clearly and naturally in English.

As a native U.S.- English speaker, Mr. Deas has been recognized by German nationals for his remarkable ability in German. His six years of field experience in Karlsruhe and Heidelberg helped make him nearly indistinguishable from native German speakers.

With two decades of experience as corporate communications professional for major global corporations, Mr. Deas combines an adept command of the English language with a refined sense of cultural nuance that renders his translation work with “originally English” quality.

Owing to his expertise in Microsoft Office products, Mr. Deas specializes in delighting clients with translated documents that look identical to the originals, a feature that is especially beneficial in legal and academic certificates required for any sort of civil or administrative registration.

Certified by the American Association of Teachers of German and accredited as a business communicator by the International Association of Business Communicators, Mr. Deas stands out as one of the premier German-English language experts in the southeastern United States.

*Accredited Business Communicator by IABC since 2004